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Exterior Services

​​Exterior Detail/Wash
Exterior Polish
Our services include wet or dry wash, depending on your prefernce, to remove any and all debris and light stains from your aircraft. All work is performed by hand to prevent the possibility of scratching or damage to the aircraft. 
​​With only the safest and most advanced polish to date we remove minor scratches and abrasions from any and all polished alloy surfaces giving your aircraft a mirror finish that is assured to impress. 
Most of the exterior surface area on an aircraft is painted and we specialize in returning the luster to an aging airship, ensuring that whether in the air or on the ground your aiviation investment can be seen gleaming from miles away. 
Exterior Wax
Boot Maintenance
Window Refurbishing
Protecting or covering anything shows  a considerable amount of care and thought were involved and that is why we use a teflon wax coating. This guaruntees the highest level of protection and gloss for your aircraft while also slightly smoothing the entire surface improving fuel economy and reducing drag. 
To stall is by definition to stop or cause to stop making progress, which is bad any way you look at it. Since no one ever wants to stall we use Jetstream PBS stripper to remove all previous sealent and Jetstream PBS sealent evenly applied to form an unyielding bond between the sealent and rubber. 
Without having to remove and then of course reinstall your lexan polycarbonate and or acrylic windows, we are able to remove scratching, hazing, and light debris from the view of your passengers enhancing the feeling of a safe comfortable journey on the aircraft. 
Interior Services
Interior Detail
Interior Polish
Interior Wax
Whether your aircraft needs a light detail to remove left over finger prints and dust, or a complete sanitization, Bravo Aviation Specialists Inc. will meticulously inspect and detail  every square inch of the interior of your aircraft providing you with a fresh, clean, and inviting smell and feel.
As with any unpainted alloy over time it oxidates and the shine dissapates. That just means it's time to give us a call so that we can return the brillance of a new shine to anything from seat belt buckles, and cup holders, all the way to navigation lenses, and even cabinents.   
  The same teflon coating we use o n the exterior is gentle enough to be applied to interior surfaces to serve as the same protective sheen which prolongs the look and feel of  your aircraft.​ Also this coating makes spills easier to clean up, while keeping your interior surfaces pristine. 
Carpet Cleaning
Leather Treatments
 Because our interior crew refrains from using aggressive degreasers and soaps whenever possible your carpets life is extended exponentially. We use a less intrusive natural approach with vinegar and water being our most used solutions to losen dirt and dust, while sanitizing. 
In order for you to get the maximum life out of your leather, while keeping it supple and soft, Bravo Aviation Specialists Inc. deep cleans the leather to remove any dirt and stains possible. After which we apply conditioner to the leather and massage it deep into it rejuvinating it to resist cracking and fraying. ​